In Love With Her Shoulders

Rush of emotions,

As water falls upon stones,

Smooth as her shoulders.

© 2018


Wooden Palette

A wooden palette,

Of lush and lustful colors,

Wooing my paint brush.

© 2018

Orange Haiku

Discarded orange,

Left to rot in parking lot,

Worker ants punch in.

© 2017


My beautiful picture

Migratory birds,

Filling the sky with wingspans,

Each signatural.

© 2017

North East

My beautiful picture

Into the whitecaps,

Bikini-clad and wondrous,

Each in her own way.

© 2016

Bated Breath

My beautiful picture

Don’t fly away bird,

Before I take this picture!

“Snap” (holding my breath)

© 2016

Right Foot Forward

My beautiful picture

Must have been funny,

For her head to turn around,

For her face to smile.

© 2016


My beautiful picture

Utility truck,

With an outstretched appendage,

Holds Prometheus.

© 2016

Red October

The tabloids report:

World War III if Clinton wins!

…And if Donald wins?

© 2016


My beautiful picture

The girl on the rail,

Cerulean silhouette…

Doesn’t notice me.

© 2016