The Noisettes

This post was originally published under my last blog titled “L_Mellow Is a Blogging Fellow” on back in January of 2010.  (L_Mellow was my username on  However, I love the Noisettes so much I thought it was worth republishing.  Enjoy!

Shingai Shoniwa (Colored pencil drawing)

Every now and then I find my ears acting like antennas, scanning for signs of  life in the ever expanding universe of popular music.  I relish the thought of  finding something new and fresh; something that clearly distances itself from the pack.  Last week I decided to take a risk and buy a CD of a band that I had never heard of before: The Noisettes.  The album is called What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?  It was released in 2007.  I had actually seen the group’s more recent CD entitled Wild Young Hearts at the record store, and took advantage of the in-store audio player to preview the music.  After listening to a few tracks I was a little undecided.  When I came across the Mr. Wolf CD at another record store later that night, I jumped at the opportunity to buy it, my rationale being that I am a strong believer in a band’s first released material being their best.  I was right.  Sharp!  Cutting Edge!  Brilliant!  These are the adjectives that I feel rightly justify the Noisettes’ current buzz around the music industry.  I loved it!

I instantaneously fell in love with Shingai Shoniwa, the lead singer and bassist. When I hear her perform, it’s as if Billie Holiday and Jimi Hendrix are at the control panel of the right side of her brain, each vying for top billing.  One minute soft and soothing; the next biting and fire cracker-like.  The other band mates (guitarist Dan Smith and drummer Jamie Morrison) are equally suited to the task of painting a fresh portrait blend of intense ear-drum tickling melodies.  My favorite song off What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? is “Mind the Gap.”  I love the changes the musical direction takes you on; a journey of various stop and go tempos and rise and fall harmonies.  After I listened to What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? 5 times in a row without stopping, I went out and purchased Wild Young Hearts, which I think to be a very fine compliment to the band’s budding discography.  If you love music and you’re looking for something fantastic, this would definitely be it!

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