TV Dinner

Dining table set,

This man and television,

How they miss signals!

© 2015


Aquamarine Bird

Capturing a bird,
From my screened-in balcony,
In blue and green dabs.

© 2015

Crossing (A Haiku)

Spoiler, built for speed,

Bumps trump acceleration,

So winged friends can cross.

© 2014

Bird on a Wire (A Haiku)

 Perched on line above,

Wings tucked in and head lifted,

May she hear my tweet!

© 2014

Commuters (A Haiku)


He anticipates

From the bench, all is a blur

A childhood sweetheart?

© 2014

Watering Hole (A Haiku)


Hidden in a crowd,

  Confluent identities,

     Mixed for merriment.

© 2014

Man Yearns to Fly (A Haiku)

In awe of gull’s wings,

Beach chairs won’t make you airborne,

Launch you on my blog.

© 2014

Exclusivity (A Haiku)



Fishermen on pier

Unable to reach the end

No rod in my hand.

© 2014

Consumption (A Haiku)

Spent, consumed habits

Burnt orange sienna hearth

No reason to stay.

© 2014

Craving (A Haiku)

Holding her briefly…

Unsatisfactory drag,

Next time I will squeeze.

© 2014