Weekly Sketch

This is my sketch of Leadbelly, the folk and blues musician. 🎸 My cousin asked me to sketch it so that when he opens up his restaurant, he can hang it up on the wall. 🍴 I framed it and sent it to him. 📬

© 2017


Hurricane Irma Haiku #2

Uprooted by wind,

Trees slumped over powerlines,

A downcast feeling.

© 2017

My First Commissioned Sketch

This is my first commissioned sketch. 💵  I got it done just in time before Hurricane Irma starts to affect the weather in my area on Sunday. 🌊🌀

© 2017

Hurricane Irma Haiku

Waiting for the storm,

I see cars in line for gas,

Panicked hearts pumping.

© 2017

Waterfall Haiku

The water’s descent,

Twists and turns throughout the woods,

Midsummer day’s dream.

© 2017