August (A Music Video)

This is my most recent music video project to date.  The title of the song is August.  The concept is based on sights and scenes that I’ve taken in, over the course of this summer.  The song does not have any lyrics, but does feature some really beautiful, melodic vocals sung by none other than Marilyn Cole (My mom).  I played all the instruments on the recording, and I’m most proud of the guitar solo at the end, which is the very first guitar solo I’ve ever written and performed.  Learning guitar has been a very slow process, but it has been very rewarding.  The video features some of my favorite landmarks in Columbus, OH, skylines, rooftop views, nature, and a wine glass that keeps popping up in front of the camera.  I recorded the music with MAGIX Music Studio software, and used my digital ViviCam 7020 to record the video.  Please enjoy!

© 2013


2 thoughts on “August (A Music Video)

  1. Thanks blueskiesb! Thanks for leaving a link to your facebook page so I could listen to your music. Wow! I love that bluesy and acoustic feel to your music. Fantastic bass, drums, piano, organ, and guitar instrumentation! I also like that raspy element of your voice. Good luck to you and your band. I look forward to following you guys! 🙂

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