It Is Better to Dance Than to Fight: I Did the Tango on Election Night

George (Owner of Exclusively Argentine Tango At George’s) and Marilyn do the Tango on election night.

It has been exactly one week since election night, when America reelected Barack Obama for a second term as President of the United States.  After taking some time to watch all of the pundits on political television weigh in on the election, I now feel like adding my two cents.  Actually, if it weren’t for Harry Reid, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article.

When the Senate Majority Leader appealed to Republicans for cooperation on looming challenges the government faces in the days ahead after the election, like the fiscal cliff, he used a fitting metaphor.  He said, “It is better to dance than to fight.”  And since I spent election night in a dance studio, watching voting results and my dancing partners’ feet, as to not step on them in my awkward attempt to master the art of Tango, I decided it would be appropriate to share my thoughts about this year’s election.

First I would like to say, my pain has been alleviated now that it is all over.  The constant negative political ads that aired on television like a bad reality show in syndication had me reaching for the remote, and depressing the mute button every ten minutes.  When I wasn’t trying to silence the television, I was trying to manage the constant cacophony of telephone rings from pollsters, some with a pulse and some automated.  Yet I answered every single survey with patriotic patience and sincerity, partly because for the first election in my lifetime, this year I chose to volunteer to register voters.

I know what it’s like to ask someone to participate in the electoral process and have them snub you like a debutante would a plebian.  I suffered quarrels with unregistered voters in front of Walmart over the alleged corruptness of the Electoral College and the dubious worth of one’s vote.  And despite the fact that it took Florida nearly a week to declare the state blue, I felt all gold inside, knowing I played a minuscule part in a winning election.

So let us dance.  Now that the election is over, it’s time to choose your partner.  And although Harry Reid was addressing members of the Senate and Congress, I would like to aim my comments at ordinary citizens; like the gentleman I saw driving a red pickup truck the other day on my way to work with a huge Confederate flag hoisted on his bed flapping in the wind.  We are not all going to like each other.  We are not going to agree on all of the issues all of the time.  But we all have to live together and find a way to work through our differences.  Maestro, strike up the band!

© 2012



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