A $2.50 Beer and a $0.27 Record: A Monday Night at Oldfield’s on 4th

Saturday, I arrived back in my hometown of Columbus, OH, after a 17 hour drive from West Palm Beach, FL.  After I got out of the car, I began to plan out my week of events to attend while in the Buckeye state.  I started with a burger and a couple of beers at Buffalo Wild Wings with my brother.  We were there long enough to see Raul Ibanez work his October magic once again for the New York Yankees in the bottom of the 9th inning.  But the Newcastle Brown Ale and Stone India Pale Ale draughts couldn’t ease the eventual heartbreak of Derek Jeter’s postseason ending ankle fracture.  Yet, the show must go on.

Sunday, I reserved, especially for Game 2 of the American League Championship Series.  And Monday I decided to visit Oldfield’s on 4th for Bring Your Own Record Night.  The moment I viewed the advertisement on Columbus Alive’s calendar of events for Bring Your Own Record Night, I knew this sort of get-together would be right up my alley.  But there was just one problem: I left all of my vinyl records in West Palm Beach.

So Monday afternoon I dropped by Half Priced Books and Records to look for a piece of vinyl to spin later that night at 8pm.  Amongst the sea of classic comic book flippers, dusty CD jewel case collectors, and used text book hawkers, I waded my way to the record crates and began to dig.  “Keep spinning!”  A man, neatly dressed in khakis and a plaid button down, sporting wire glasses and a waxy clean face interrupted my search.  “I’m sorry, what was that?” I replied.  “Keep spinning!”  He smiled and I smiled back, recognizing that same fiery spirit of technological rebellion in my own reflection within his spectacles.  His name was Rob, and for the next 15 minutes we talked about vinyl, needles, amplifiers, preamps and labels.  When we were done, we shook hands as if to solidify our pact to never stop spinning.

After 2 hours (yes 2 hours), I settled on a 45 (that’s the smaller record as opposed to the bigger 33 1/3rd revolutions per minute sized record for all you MP3 and iPod users) by Ray Charles with Unchain My Heart on one side and But On The Other Hand Baby on the flipside.  I was now ready for BYOR night.

When I arrived at Oldfield’s on 4th, I found a cozy bar decorated with Ohio sports team paraphernalia; the nooks and crannies accented with ghosts and ghouls for Halloween.  Two sharks were brandishing their cue sticks above a pool table and Monday Night Football was playing on the tube.  I met Joel, a fellow vinyl enthusiast and bartender, who poured a fresh IPA from the Columbus Brewing Company for me and then played my Ray Charles record on the turntable mounted on the bandstand.

The Night followed with records by Bob Dylan and Gorillaz featuring Snoop Lion, and bar chatter about baseball and Jazz.  By the time I left, I felt satisfied that I had not only chosen the right record but also the right venue to spend an Autumn Monday night.  The record cost me 27 cents and the beer was listed at $2.50.  With the best recession prices in town, Oldfield’s  on 4th has you covered!

© 2012


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