A Supernatural Sunday on the Waterfront

From left to right: lead guitarist Dave Mueller, lead vocalist Todd Plant and keyboardist Jim Persons

“Did somebody say they wanna hear a little Rock & Roll?  Well we don’t do that!”  Of course Todd Plant, the lead vocalist for the Santana tribute band named Supernatural was just kidding the audience with that teasing line.  He and the 6 other members of Supernatural rocked out at the amphitheater in downtown West Palm Beach, FL yesterday at the free Sunday on the Waterfront series in front of a crowd of a few hundred.  On classics like Black Magic Woman, Smooth, and Oye Como Va, lead guitarist Dave Mueller superbly fingered lick after lick and Todd Plant held vocal notes longer than economic recessions to recreate the Carlos Santana signature sound to a tee.

Supernatural also showcased their music diversity by performing songs by Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow, and Bonnie Raitt, when the fiery red head female vocalist introduced as “Sammy” soulfully belted out her power packed blues.  With her left shoulder exposed from her turquoise halter top, Sammy produced jolting runs with a surprising level of force given her petite frame.

From left to right: singer “Sammy,” drummer Steve Eiseman, bassist John Shinn, and percussionist Manny

And, of course, what would a great concert be if we never “gave the drummer some?”  Enter Manny on his dark rose-colored congas and golden timbales, adding the pulse to the great Latin Rock grooves wafting on the afternoon air.  Manny’s shirt said it all; an off-white button down with two congas air brushed fashionably on the material.  One look at Manny’s attire and one listen to his Cuban inspired rhythms was enough to know that this guy was a serious percussionist.  He had me wanting to go straight to Guitar Center and purchase some timbales of my own.  (Now if I only had the money!)  Before long, with Manny, Jim Persons’ phenomenal keyboarding, bassist John Shinn, and Steve Eiseman on drums to complete the rhythm section, a swarm of dancers from the audience descended on the makeshift dance floor below the stage and partied into the sunset.  Alas, a supernatural fiesta!

© 2012