In Remembrance of Richard Starr: A Fellow Activist

Recently, I learned about the sudden death of a fellow Occupy Palm Beach (Wall Street) protestor named Richard Starr.  I met Richard a couple of months ago when I became involved in the Occupy movement and even traveled to Washington, D.C. with him in December to participate in an event called Take Back the Capitol.  There we marched with thousands of other protestors and engaged in a week’s worth of activism, all with the purpose of standing up for social justice.  In addition to this event, I also spent time with Richard at the Occupy Palm Beach site, attending meetings and making/holding up signs, attempting to rally others to our cause and raise awareness.

What I will remember about Richard was his tireless dedication and enthusiasm; and of course, his signature Court Jester hat he would wear during our demonstrations.  The hat he wore was appropriate, because Richard had a great sense of humor, and often had something funny and insightful to say regarding life, society, his experience as a veteran or whatever was going on at the Occupy site.  But more than a witty jester and a determined activist, he was a son, brother, husband, father, uncle and grandfather for a family that we all send our sympathies and best wishes to.  It was a great pleasure to have worked along side Richard over the last few months, and his presence will definitely be missed in the West Palm Beach community.

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2 thoughts on “In Remembrance of Richard Starr: A Fellow Activist

  1. Thanks for the remembrance Leslie. There will be a memorial for Richard at the OPB camp on Saturday, Jan. 28 – time still to be announced.

    • Yes, I saw that there is going to be a memorial planned for Jan. 28th and I would definitely like to attend. Thanks Carla for commenting on the article; it’s great that people have been sharing it and Richard’s story with others.

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