They Came With Their Canes, Wheelchairs and Signs: A Day in the Life of a Protester

A protester being pushed in a wheelchair enters the protest rally.  Okay, when this guy showed up I got cold chills and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  Talk about dedication!

…And then he tops it off by getting into the drum circle.  The rhythms of those drummers were the pulse of the march.

A Salsa band plays on the stage minutes before the march.  People in the crowd celebrate and dance with smiles on their faces.

Mic check!  A Hip Hop act gets in on the action.  The energy of the crowd goes up a notch!

A sign points to a bridge that needs attention.  There’s some job creation potential for all of you Senators and members of Congress.

I was a janitor when I worked for Old Navy several years ago.  I stand in solidarity with the janitors of the world!

“The Haitian Community Action” Haiti was in the building!!!!

Yes! Let’s create “Good Jobs,” as opposed to dead end jobs.  And whatever happened to that word people used to use for jobs? Oh what was it?  It starts with a C…Careers! That’s it!

This sign speaks for itself.  Isn’t this what lead to the American Revolution?

One of the 3 or 4 helicopters I counted in the sky hovering above us during the march.  Were the police intimidated by the canes, wheelchairs, baby strollers and poster boards we were “armed” with?

“Wall Street losin’ dough on every share, They’re blaming it on longer hair, Big men smokin’ in their easy chairs, On a fat cigar without a care…” – People Make The World Go Round by the Stylistics (Songwriters Thomas Bell and Linda Creed, Released in November, 1971.)  It’s been 40 years and as this sign shows, not much has changed since then!

The Occupy Miami site AKA “Peace City.”

© 2011