A Poem for Norway

On this past Friday (July 22), 76 people were killed in terrorist attacks in Norway.  As I watched the television coverage of yet another senseless massacre, I was left with so many unanswered questions.  What made this incident even more gruesome was the fact that many of the victims were teenagers.  I wrote the following poem in response to the images aired and stories reported over the last few days.

A Poem for Norway



Anti colonization!!

Utter devastation

Terrorist impersonating police!!!

Our youth deceased

Bomb destroys another building!!!!

Religion no longer appealing

90 minutes passes…authorities arrive!!!!!

News cameras already were live

They couldn’t deploy their helicopter crew!!!!!!

They couldn’t deploy their helicopter crew??????

Closed door arraignment so no platform given!!!!!!!

21 years maximum yet 76 not living

76 stopped beating hearts and 152 closed eyes!!!!!!!!

In the land famous for Nobel Peace Prize

© 2011


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