A Poem for Mumbai

Today, 3 explosions rocked Mumbai killing 21 people and wounding over 100 people.  In 2008, 170 people were killed in a terrorist attack in the city of Mumbai.  As a writer, there are times when a poem can best communicate the thoughts and emotions that I wish to share.  From time to time in this blog I intend to publish those poems I have written for occasions such as these.  After watching the HBO documentary Terror in Mumbai in 2009, I wrote the following poem…

Mumbai Math

The heart of Mumbai

Her beating stilled

By the 10 gunmen

Who begot 17 victims

Times themselves

10 X 17 = 170

Blood + Muscle = Mumbai

Her pulsating, night life quieted

An ominous, chilling hush

By one hundred and seventy pulmonary veins

Dividing up life

MuslimsJewsHindusChristians ÷ 170 = 1


Father Mother Brother Sister


Niece Nephew Aunt Uncle


© 2011


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